Tuesday, December 20, 2011


AT least the Packers lost and the Colts won. A few days beforehand, Albert Pujols got traded to the Angles. The Texas Rangers lost C.J. Wilson to the same team. Add the resurgent play of Indiana University’s udefeated men’s basketball team, and you have little room for overhyping yet another Tim Tebo story. We did n’t need to hear about how the Broncos’s now-famous quarterback took his normal knee in thanks to God for ability to play the sport he loves. In answering THE CHRISTIAN POST, yes, Tim Tebo still has his faith in tact after the Boncos loss to the New England Patriots. It was refreshing John Elway compliment Tebo, saying that was one of best performances as Denver’s quarterback. Nonetheless, we can be thankful that Tebo Teboed like usual. He was simply continuing his postgame prayer. After all, God’[s gifts to carry out daily vocation comes even apart from our prayer. Yet, whether working at home, at the office or at football field, we pray that God will bring His gifts to us also for benefit of our neighbors. Yes, sports is a vocation carried by athletes who possess anunusual amount of talent. They are entertainers as well as being competitors. We can argue over the water cooler or the dinner table about the high salaries these folks make. Nonetheless, our Lord does shower the ability on these American icons to compete while we look on. AS for the Tebo hype, I do hope it has simmered. I’m not holding my breath. This Sunday, however, I will not be watching football, not when New England’s guys in green known as the Boston Celtics take the court for this shortened season’s first regular season game.

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