Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back IN Action

Since my last post, several things have happened. So, I am breaking away from the norm before resuming my daily observations and commentary. First, my family and I enjoyed a wonderful Christmas break down in Springfield, MO. Wow, my nephew and niece are growing up quick! Secondly, I returned home to finish up the first draft of my new book project, an Advent and Christmas devotion collection called THE NIGHT WILL SOON BE ENDING. I have yet to finish up layout considerations and peer review possibilities for presenting it to CPH. But, I hope and intend to do this. On alighter note—well, sort of lighter note—my Huskers got creamed in their bowl bid. It was rather embarrassing to watch. Oh, well, next year, Martinez and the Husker offense will be back in full strength as will the Husker Black Shirts (defense). Finally, I am thankful to Aardvark Alley for including my blog on the Lutheran blog roll. Blessed Epiphany to everyone. And, you can catch me daily from here on.

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