Friday, July 27, 2012


Tonight, the Olympic games features is opening ceremony. This year, London, England hosts the event—or, should I call it the extravaganza? Coverage of the Olympic Games on TV, radio and a vast array of other media has something for everyone. Do you long to see the best in track and field, swimming or gymnastics? The sites and sounds of English gyms, pools, and tracks will engage your attention. Do you get caught up in discovering all the amazing odds the athletes have beaten? TV, in particular, will tell of Chinese gymnists who departed their five-year old friends and their family to live nothing else than their skills on the uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercises. Think about the physique these powerful athlete possess. Swimmers such as Michael Phelps, basketball players like LeBron James, and any number of our American boxers dwarf the average citizen with their brawn and stature. The bumper music of the Olympics echoes in our heads for a few days on either side of the games and at almost every commercial break. Then again, some broadcasts features other popular music when breaking away for interviews with the athletes. In 1984, Diana Ross’s song, “Reach Out And Touch Somebody’s Hand” spoke directly to the hoped-for unity in sport the would could show in this competition. In 1988, Whitney Houston’s hit song, “One Moment In Time” spoke to the emotions and dreams of those who set so much of their lives aside to play the sports they love. We Americans have added our cheering words to the end of our national anthem. After the tones crescendo with “….Land of the free and the home of the brave…,” you and I shout in unison: “U. S. A. U. S. A.!!!” For us who are sports enthusiasts, these next couple weeks will give us a fix like nothing else for the next few years, until the 2014 Winter Games fills our TV screens. Four years ago, I admitted on a different blog, I am an olympoholic. I cannot get enough of the basketball, judo, trac and field, diving, etc. I must apologize ahead of time to my usual background routine of talkshows and country music. Sorry, KFKF 94.1 in Kansas City, you’ll have to take a backseat to my sports enthusiasm. AT least I can listen to “Hannity” and “Issues ETc.” on demand. Then, again, I do that already. So, folks, let’s “get ready, get set, and go.” With a few soccer games already played, the 2012 Olympic Games is underway.

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